Ah ha! So there are some things you’ll love to have! We’ll love you to have them too – here’s how to order:

    Add to Cart

    Let’s pretend that you’re in the grocery. You’re walking through the isles and placing items in your basket.

    It’s the same concept.

    1. Find the products you want by using the search bar, browsing through categories or our vendor stores.
    2. Click on the product you’ll like to have and review the information provided on the product page
    3. Want it? It’s simple, from the product page select the quantity you wish to purchase then click Add to Cart

    That’s it! Repeat these steps for all other products you wish to purchase.

    Note: Some products may require you to select a Size, Colour or other attributes before you are able to add to your cart.



    Finished adding items to your cart? Time to Checkout! Relating to our grocery example, you’ll be heading to the cashier now.

    1. Open your Cart by clicking the Bag Icon in the top right corner
    2. Review the items in your cart then select the Checkout button
    3. On the Checkout page, please login if you’ve already created an account otherwise, let’s do that here
    4. Enter the required information for each field, please take your time – we need this to be correct
    5. If you have not yet registered, you will see a password field – please enter a password for your account. This will be required along with your email address the next time you wish to login

    Great! You’ve filled out all the required fields, now let’s place that order!


    Shipping and Payment

    Based on the delivery address entered, you will be presented with options for shipping and payment along with their associated costs, handling fees and estimated delivery times. Please select the available options suitable to you.

    Don’t worry, if you reside in Trinidad and Tobago, you do not need a credit card to order from us.

    If you would like to learn more in detail about our Shipping and Payment Options, please click here


    Place Order

    After selecting the Shipping and Payment methods you would like to use, simply click “Place Order”


    Congratulations! You’ve just placed your first of hopefully many orders!


    We’ll notify you in 24-48 working hours via email when it is shipped and when to expect delivery.



    Did you know?
    We encrypt your personal information using secure socket layer technology (SSL)

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